NFStestpackage - The NFS Client Test & Benchmark package

This package will allow the installer to build and run NFS tests and/or benchmarks on a client, either from a Graphical User Interface, or from a command line. It consists of 4 components within the NFStestmatrix directory:

./bin - The executables for running the automated tests (both from a script or from a GUI), detecting and logging errors, etc.

./tests.conf - Test configuration and parameter initiation files

./tests.public - Publicly published tests, including benchmarks and the Connectathon NFS interoperability check tests

./tests.local - Privately written tests, including the duplicate request cache test

For use from a shell, as a command line, execute ./bin/NFSTest -h in order to read the help file. Otherwise, the GUI is launched with NFSTest -g.In either case, you must follow these requirements:

Installation Notes

$ tar xzf NFStestmatrix.tar.gz
$ cd NFStestmatrix

These next steps are for 2.2 clients only, since they need a special init file, and may not be able to support the bigfile test for large file systems
$ cd ./tests.public/cthon02
$cp tests.init.2.2 tests.init
$ cd ./special
$ vi runtests.wrk # comment out the bigfile test at the end of runtests.wrk
$ cd ../..
Now continue for both 2.2 and 2.4 clients
$ ./
Lastly, update /etc/fstab to contain mount points from server for all tests
$vi /etc/fstab

Usage Notes

* NFSTest -h prints out a help file -- which you probably want to pipe thru more. (most executables also do this)

* Test status and logs will be kept in the client's ~root/.nfstest directory (the default "path" directory, since the test has to be run as root)

* Test selection records will be kept in the client file ~root/.nfswizard_rc

* Test results will be kept in the NFSTest directory in the mount point

* to use ssh instead of rsh, do
$ export RSH=ssh
and make sure that you have all your authorized_keys setup correctly for ssh.

* If you have problems with Connectathon, reinspect the tests.init file, which may need the SERVER, SERVPATH, and NFSTESTDIR variables initialized

* I have encountered problems with the Connectathon "bigfile" test in an environment that I thought would support it; your results may vary